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Actress Safina Haroun opens up on dating Big Akwes

Ghanaian actress Safina Haroun has finally broken silence on his relations with colleague actor Big Akwes.

According to Safina in an interview, the actress said she has never had an intimate relationship with the actor.

“It is always a relationship when Ghanaian always sees you with one particular guy and they assume you are dating the person…I have never dated Big Akwes maybe we were close but we never dated,” Safina said.

She added that this whole rumor went wide when she spent a night alone in a room with Big Akwes on a movie set.

“I have slept in the same room with Big Akwes but nothing happened, I spent a whole night with him on a movie set but nothing happened. You know we are human but on that night nothing happened between me and him,” she stated.

Speaking on how she became close with Big Akwes, she said “I met him on set and he said he has seen a great talent in me and will like to help push my career so from there I was always on set with him and that spike the dating rumor.”

Safina said she will soon release her first single titled Ride or Die so her fans and Ghanaians should watch out for this amazing banger.

Source: MyNewsGh.com/Michael Agyapong Agyapa/2020


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