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Classmate of the lady who called Selly Galley ugly and barren gives wild secrets about her

It seems this trend is not ending anytime soon as we have a different twist and more revelations about Ohenmaa Piesie the lady who called Selly Galley ugly and barren.

Although the lady has apologized for her actions it seems Ghanaians are not done with her yet and they throw more shot at her.

The latest to join the trend is one alleged classmate of Ohenmaa Piesie who doesn’t want to reveal his identity to be known.

He said that Ohenmaa has been a bully since her Senior High School days making a lot of friends push away from her.

“I am not surprised by Lois at all. She has always been a bitter girl who enjoys tormenting others. She is the definition of a real witch because back at high school she was rejected by everyone. Everyone was scared of her because she was a bully and had a vile mouth that could literally make you commit suicide…I hope her scuffle with Selly Gally makes her change for the better,” he said.

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Michael Agyapong Agyapa report.

Source: DailyNewsGhana.com


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