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Retraction and Apology

It has come to the attention of Daily News Ghana that an article we published yesterday 10th September, contained factually inaccurate and misleading contents with respect to the Ghana Hotels Association and its President Dr. Edward Ackah-Ntameike.

On 10th September 2020, Daily News Ghana published a news item on the Ghana Hotels Association titled ‘You lied to us – Hotel association tells Akufo-Addo’. The contents of the article attributed the following statement to the President of the Association, “We were happy when the President declared their support to us but up to this time we have received a single dime and this is saddened. So we are asking the president to fulfill his promise”.

This statement is untrue and libelous as the title of the article is also misleading.

We have been informed through lawyers of Dr. Ackah-Nyamike that the Ghana Hotels Association has on several media occurrences confirmed that members of the Association benefited from the electricity subsidy during the lockdown era but that they were yet to receive the stimulus package from the National Board for Small Scale Industries.

We, therefore, retract the said article and profusely apologize to the President of Ghana Hotels Association accordingly.


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