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Retraction and Apology

Daily News Ghana attention has been drawn to an article we publish today September 12, 2020, that contained factually inaccurate with respect to the Member of Parliament (MP) of Jama North Constituency.

On 10th September 2020, Daily News Ghana published a news item on the MP for Jama North Constituency Hon. Stevens Siaka titled ‘VIDEO: Lady expose NPP MP who forced her to have an unsafe abortion’. The contents of the article attributed the MP has forced a lady to have an unsafe abortion after impregnating her.

This statement is untrue and libelous as the title of the article is also misleading.

We have been informed through his office that the said lady in the video is the girlfriend of Hon. Stevens Siaka’s son Fedel Stevens, and not the MP himself.

The Informant added that Fedel Stevens asked the lady to have the baby but the lady refused and that was three years ago and she is now back to tarnish the image of the Honorable.

We, therefore, retract the said article and profusely apologize to the Member of Parliament (MP) of Jama North Constituency Hon. Stevens Siaka.



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