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‘Western Togolander’ will cause Ghana great pain in December elections – Nunoo-Mensah hints

Former Chief of Defence Staff of Ghana Armed Forces, Brigadier General Joseph Nunoo-Mensah (Rtd) has said that the secessionist group Homeland Study Group Foundations and their Western Togoland agenda will cause Ghana great pain in the December 7 elections.

According to Nunoo-Mensah, these secessionist group can cause great damage in the coming elections if the authorities do not hold them up.

Speaking with Citizen Kofi Owusu on Ahotor FM monitored by Daily News Ghana, he said: “we don’t have to give these people chance or else they cause mayhem in the coming elections.”

However, Joseph Nunoo-Mensah (Rtd) has joined a new political party, Ghana Union Movement (GUM).

The former member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) explained that his decision to defect was because he did not like what he is seeing in Ghana today.

Michael Agyapong Agyapa report



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