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AUDIO: Dome Faase Military brutality – Assemblyman gives vivid account

Two individuals believed to be military personnel and some civilians have sustained injuries after a clash between them and some residents of Dome Faase near Obom Domeabra in the Greater Accra Region. The clash was over a land boundary dispute. The coalition of Ga communities which comprises over 20 communities and share a border with the Eastern Region alleged that the Mponuahene of Akyem Apadwa and the Akyem Traditional Council were taking their farmlands from them hence the resistance that led to the chaos. Speaking to the media the assemblyman of Paanor electoral area Vicent Sorgar gave a vivid account of what exactly happened. “A group of people came here claiming the land belongs to them and therefore they are taken control. They did not come to the chief or anybody the next time we saw them they were working on the land. So the real owners of the land reported the case the police when the police came they said it is an order from above,” Mr. Sorgar said. He added that: “Some journalists came to interview us on the issues and we decided to send them to the land, just as we got there the soldiers rush from the bush to us and we told them we are with pressmen and they want to verify our words. Just then we saw some angry youth chanting and coming to our direction so I went to cool them down.” “The guys were unarmed but the soldiers keep giving warning shot so the guys said then they will come forward to face them…so the armed soldiers run to the guys thinking they will run away because they are soldiers but the guys stayed still…they started giving warning shots and two guys were hit by a bullet and that started everything.” Listen to the full account of the assemblyman in the audio below
Source: /Michael Agyapong Agyapa

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