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WATCH: 29-year-old Ghanaian Uni student dies during childbirth

A lovely and energetic 29-year-old Ghanaian woman died during childbirth, tragically losing her child as well.

The heartbreaking news of the lady’s death has gone viral on social media, with people expressing their condolences.

Louisa Akorfa Afenyah, 29, was said to be expecting a baby.

She had a thriving social media presence, with around 2,000 followers and thousands of more friends.

No one expected her pregnancy to become a problem when she was so young.

However, as we have seen in Ghana many times, even the simplest things can turn fatal.

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According to reports, she died in the labor ward while giving birth, losing both her life and that of her kid.

Although is unable to confirm what transpired or which hospital she was admitted to, her death has provoked widespread mourning.

Check out the post and video below:


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