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5 style guides every man should know

Do you look in the mirror and think the men you see on TV or magazine pages are better looking than you? No, they aren’t; they just dress and groom better.

Some men look like they were born stylish. But the truth is; styling is a skill and just like cooking, writing, or any other skill, you can learn and improve it.

Listed below are five styling guide every man should know:

Michael B Jordan | Image: GQ

Wear Confidence
This is the first step to looking stylish. A man who is confident in himself and his wears is the archetype of a stylish man. Owning all the designer clothing in the world doesn’t mean much if you don’t exude the confidence that comes with being a stylish man.

Ebuka Obi-Uchendu | Image: Instagram/ebuka

Make It Fit
This is not the 90s and except you’re doing a stylish retro, do away with oversized items of clothing. The trick is, wearing clothes that fit would solve a great deal of your styling problems.

Jamie Foxx | Image: Mark Holmes/styleitholmes

Invest In A Suit
You don’t have to work in the corporate world to own a suit. According to GQ, when choosing a suit, opt for one in a solid true navy blue or charcoal grey. Both colors work with every shirt-and-tie combo you can think of.

Chance The Rapper | Image: Eric Ray Davidson/GQ

Your shoes are one of the first items people notice. For formal occasions, an Oxford is preferable, same as a Monk shoe or Derby. Loafers and Chelsea boots are versatile and can give a smart casual look. For a more casual look, go for desert boots, moccasins or boat shoes.

Adekunle Gold | Image: Instagram/adekunlegold

A stylish man knows that his look and personality is enhanced by the right piece of jewelry. From your watches, bracelets, rings, tie bars, necklaces to your cufflinks, and even earrings.

Denola Grey | Image: Instagram/denolagrey

J Cole | Image: GQ/Awol Erizku

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