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WATCH: Abena Korkor goes wild as she drops video of her bare chest

Abena Korkor has gone insane again, this time going even farther by posting a video of her raw chest on social media.

Korkor posted a video in which she was only wearing her underwear and her bum was visible on camera.

Korkor pushes the limits of what she can get away with on social media every now and then.

If she isn’t naming celebs who have reportedly slept with her, she is posting filthy photographs or videos to stir up controversy.

Korkor thrives on the attention she attracts with her actions.

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She then claims it’s because of her bipolar disease and begs forgiveness, but only after she’s already gotten all the attention she craved.

Watch the video below:


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Source: DailyNewsGhana.com/2022

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