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Ashanti youth goes after Dag Heward-Mills for describing Asantehene as useless

Four youth groups in the Ashanti Region say the written apology of the founder of Lighthouse Chapel International Bishop Dag Heward-Mills in a press release is not enough.

They have, therefore, given him 48 hours within which to personally apologize to the Overlord of Ashanti, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II, or risk closure of all his churches in the Region.

The youth groups comprise of Ashanti Youth Association (AYA), Kumasi Youth Association (KuYA), Ashanti Zongo Youth Association (AZOYA), and Ashanti Student’s Union (ASU).

Their outcry comes on the back of a viral video of Bishop Dag Heward-Mills in which he allegedly describes the Asantehene as useless and not helping his people and immediate subjects.

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But Bishop Heward-Mills has since apologized and clarified that the preaching was recorded nearly two decades ago.

But the youth groups with a single voice at a press conference expressed disappointment at what they described as derogatory comments at the Ashanti King as they demand detailed and personal apology by the Bishop.

“We call on Dag Heward-Mills to seek wise counsel within 48 hours, otherwise none of his churches would be permitted to operate within the Asanteman enclave afterward.

“Also, we are warning all and sundry who hide under religion, tribe, politics, et al to push this evil agenda against Asante Sikadwa and the King would be met with some brute force and the person would be dealt with.”

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Speaking on Akoma FM’s midday news on Monday, June 21, General Secretary of AYA Tweneboah Kodua explained that “we deem the Bishop’s so-called apology as null and void because as custom demands, you cannot just say such unprintable words against our King and apologize via a mere letter”.

“Although I haven’t sighted any apology letter even if there is one, the Bishop must know better because the Ashanti customs and laws are very wide and must be followed to the latter.”

The group further issued a 48-hour ultimatum to the Bishop to come clear through the appropriate channels and withdraw whatever comment he made else they cannot guarantee the safety of his members in numerous churches dotted across the Ashanti Region.

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