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AUDIO: Moesha Boduong reportedly hospitalized after drinking Powerzone bleach

Actress Moesha Bodoung has reportedly been rushed to the hospital for emergency health treatment after allegedly gulping down Powerzone bleach to take her life.

In an audio report by the Instagram gossip page, ThoseCalledCelebs, Moesha Buduong has been under the surveillance of macho men for some time now to prevent her from going out to cause harm to herself.

Additionally, doctors have been visiting her to administer injections and check up on her, with all expenses paid for by Afia Schwar and Nana Akua Addo.

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This comes on the back of an earlier video that popped up after Moesha attempted to commit suicide by jumping off a building.

A mentally unstable Moesha Buduong, who seems to be going through an unexplained phase in her life since her repentance, decided to end her life again by drinking bleach this time.

However, her attempt failed. She was then rushed to the hospital and is now hospitalized with doctors and health professionals monitoring and making sure that she is stable.

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It is reported that Moesha’s condition is spiritual but thinks otherwise.

Listen to the audio below.

Meanwhile, Afia Schwar has reportedly been subjected to beatings by Moesha who accused her of killing someone during a deliverance session in her house.

According to a narration by Thosecalledcelebs, Moesha decided to pray for Afia Schwar when she came over to her house but along the line, she started beating her while asking her to go and confess her sins.

The blogger revealed that since Moesha gave her life to Christ, she had allocated one room in her house where she offers prayers.

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She added that when you visit, Moesha directs you to go into that room to sit and you dare not stand up to leave whiles waiting for her in that room.

But Afia Schwar had to run for her life because the beating was too much for her to bear.

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