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AUDIO: Moesha’s Nigerian sugar daddies, Occultic pastor and a Senator dragging her soul

An alleged phone call recording between actress Moesha Boduong‘s personal assistant, Nelson and Salma Mumin has hit social media.

According to Moesha PA Nelson, the actress had two sugar daddies in Nigeria, one is an occultic pastor and a senator.

These two sugar daddies were the men behind her lavish lifestyle and the expensive cars she drove around town claiming she got them by the grace of God.

According to the P.A, Moesha Buduong saw terrible things after her occultic sugar daddy mistakenly answered her WhatsApp video call while performing his usual rituals.

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The man warned her not to say a word about whatever she saw in the video call to anyone but Moesha Buduong went around telling people about what she saw. It’s the very reason why she is going mad.

Listen to the audio below:

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