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Awkward moment man catches his girlfriend bonking her own Father

A social media user is at the zenith of shock and heartbreak after witnessing an abominable scene between his girlfriend and her own father.

According to this male user whose name has been hidden, he swears he is not joking and all that he saw was real.

According to him, he had suspected that his girlfriend was cheating on him so he actually baited her.

He says he told her he was going somewhere, gave his home keys to her, kept a spare, and asked him to stay over and wait for him. He says he was hanging around, waited for about three hours, and went home only to be shocked to the marrow.

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He confirmed his suspicion, the girlfriend was indeed cheating on her, what he did not see coming was the fact that his girl was cheating on him with her own father.

Screenshot below

Talk about abominations and this probably would be on top of the list— what will you do if you were this guy in this hapless situation?

Source: ghanacelebrities.Com

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