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Baby killed for sacrifice in Accra, woman who shouted for help strangled by boyfriend

A young woman was strangled by her boyfriend after she shouted for help when a baby was used as a sacrifice in Accra. Daily News Ghana report.

According to an eyewitness report to Daily News Ghana, the lady was strangled and dumped by her assailants which one happens to be her boyfriend on the street of Cambodia a suburb of Accra at night.

In a police report, the victim, Lydia, a resident of Regimanuel in Nungua said she went out with her lady friend to have a good time at Nhyiraba Kojo pub on the night of December 21, 2020.

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She added that she meets a guy at the pub who proposed to her and sent her home to Cambodia in the evening.

In the course of the night, she went outside to urinate in the bathroom and found a dead baby in a pan ina pool of bloody water.

Out of fear, she screamed and her boyfriend Bright came out with another man from a different room and the two conspired and attacked her by strangling her till she lost consciousness and woke up at the Lekma Hospital.

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Investigations by the doctors revealed that she was stranded with a suspect think that she was dead but was discovered by people in the morning who took her to the hospital.

Investigations are underway to arrest the suspects according to the police.

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