Be faithful to your partner


Having a partner is a great deal keeping him is another side of the coin, and being faithful requires a little bit of effort.

Being faithful to your partner doesn’t mean you will not go wrong, but being faithful is telling it all to your partner and not hiding anything even the hard to die ones.

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Receiving phone calls away from him your partner can fuel some mistrust and will show you are not being faithful, your partner should know whatsup with you and should be able to protect and help you always.

Keeping problems from your partner. One dangerous thing to do, even if it is the deepest problem tells him building a relationship is for two and problems should be solved in twos.

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Tell your partner all in your heart. Telling your partner everything and not hiding away anything mean you are being faithful. Don’t hide things even if you have cheated say it out, we all make mistakes and that could be one.

Even if your partner stays away for a long time, not in the same place you should always be faithful and stay loyal, always let your partner knows what is going on in your life, every detail of it.

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