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Best matching colors for a peach wedding

A wedding day is one of the most special days in every person’s life. Everything has to be perfect, especially the colour palette. Peach is considered to be ‘the wedding colour’ due to its tenderness and romantic aura. It is also a very warm colour that helps to express your love for your partner. So, what colour goes with a peach for a wedding? In this article, we will try to figure it out.

Colours that match with peach

Peach is very a very gentle colour, it looks really beautiful on women and makes you look youthful. That is why the matching colours must be chosen carefully and thoroughly in order to underline the beauty and uniqueness of every woman or man.

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And what a choice of beautiful peach-coloured flowers exists in nature! Peony roses by David Austin Juliet, spray and single-headed roses, dahlias, amaryllis and anthuriums, wonderful carnations and fragrant matiola, ranunculus and Eustoma, calla lilies and tulips. All these flowers are wonderfully combined with greens of both a cold shade and a warm one.

  • Aqua and Peach go together very well, don’t you think so? Peach stands for femininity and aqua symbolizes masculinity, which makes these two colours a perfect mixture for a wedding.
  • Peach also matches with cream, ivory, champagne and shrimp. These colours go well together as none of them will be dominant, making them a perfect palette for any event.
  • Pumpkin, coral and metallic scheme complement peach in a perfect way. However, you have to be careful with adding metallic shades. It is advisable not to use too much of them.
  • Gold is known to be the best colour that matches peach. The combination of these two colours is going to be fantastic.
  • Peach goes with lilac and purple, as well.
  • Peach and White. This combination looks very sophisticated. What colour goes with light peach?
  • Light Peach and Navy. This combination looks tender and gentle.
  • Light Peach and Grey. These colours portray elegance.
  • Light Peach and Black. Black goes well with any colour, peach isn’t an exception.
  • Light Peach with floral prints. This combination is very light and breezy.
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A wedding dress is a crucial part of any bride’s outfit. A peach dress goes perfectly with gold, ivory, white, light pink, shrimp, coral or cream. All these colours or their shades will match the peach dress perfectly. It is up to you to pick any colour you like and see if it goes well with the dress. As soon as the decision is made, the rest of your wedding outfit should be carefully chosen to match your colour scheme.

In conclusion, the colour palette should be picked according to your preferences and time of the year. Peach is considered to be a colour of warmth so it can be a great idea for a hotter climate. However, this does not stop you from wearing it whenever you want. It’s your big day, after all.

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