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C/R: Pregnant woman killed, baby removed, one leg chopped off at Ekumfi

At Ekumfi Akwakrom in the Central Region, a pregnant woman in her 30s was killed, and her baby was also removed with one leg sliced off.

The dead, according to two witnesses in the vicinity, is not well-known in the neighborhood. They discovered the lifeless bodies of the pregnant woman and her infant swimming in their pool of blood, according to them.
Mercy, a witness, believes the incident was caused by a car accident. She went on to say that she had seen her the day before resting by the roadside in the village.

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“From what I witnessed, her skull was smashed, so I believe the front tyre drove over her head and the back tyre slammed into her stomach, forcing the baby out,” she explained.

Christina Amissah, on the other hand, believes that the pregnant woman was murdered.

“I went there that morning to examine the body, and it did not appear to have been involved in a car accident.” There would have been a lot more blood if it had been. If you’ve ever witnessed delivery, you know what it looks like. “The placenta had been taken off, but it would still be there if it had been an accident,” she continued.

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