Canadian Embassy ‘bounced’ my fraud husband 4 times – Romance scam victim


In a bid to enjoy married life with her husband, 60-year-old Canadian businesswoman tried her possible best to have her Ghanaian husband join her in Canada but all efforts proved futile, as if by divine intervention.

Marjorie Newell, in GhanaWeb’s opening episode of Say It Loud recounted a rather sour turn out of events in her marriage to a Ghanaian young man whom she named as Selasie Asamoah.

As a resident in Nova Scotia in Canada, Ms Newell, after several attempts to live with Selasie in her home country failed, resorted to selling off her properties and moved to Ghana to put an end to her long distance relationship.

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She said the Canadian embassy denied her husband a visa four consecutive times, a situation which subsequently triggered her to materialize her intention of moving to settle in Ghana with her husband by daringly selling her house for $295,000.

But not only did the Canadian Embassy deny Selasie Asamoah entry into Canada, they also pulled a record of him which alleged that he had a criminal background.

These were some red flags raised but Selasie denied and even supported his defence with documents, Ms. Newell told Ghanaweb.

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She narrated, “We tried to get Selasie to come four times into Canada and they would decline each time…The fourth time, they told me he was a criminal and he was either a terrorist, a drug dealer or a human trafficker…”

“I was shocked. So I contacted him and he provided me with the documents with his picture and certificate that he had no criminal background, so I provided that to embassy and still, they would not allow him into the country. So I came here in February as a surprise, it was Valentine’s Day and I wanted to come and surprise him and he was furious…He was furious that I arrived here,” she emphasized.’

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This was only a bit of the full story of how she was duped and abused by this same Selasie after he managed to convince her into marriage. Majorie who was a victim of online romance scam tells her story in the full episode of SAY IT LOUD on Ghanaweb TV

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