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Chaos at Buduburam as Nigerians attack police station, one goes naked in protest

A 27-year-old Nigerian has allegedly been shot dead at Gomoa Buduburam near Kasoa in the Gomoa East District of the Central region leading to a clash between police officers and some irate Nigerians.

According to witnesses, the deceased, identified as Precious Watta Billions, prior to his death, was seen with two machetes he claimed was to provide protection against ‘someone’ who wants to take his life.

Speaking to Adom News, a witness, who is also a Nigerian, alleged that a police officer – the said police officer is yet to be identified – shot the deceased three times after spotting him with the two machetes.

The alleged murder of Mr. Billions has sparked outrage among Nigerians living at Gomoa Buduburam leading to the destruction of property at Buduburam Police Station.

Some Nigerians were captured on camera naked in protest against the killing of Mr. Billions.

At the time of this report, the tension in the Gomoa Buduburam area was said to be growing and getting out of hand.

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