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Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel to give Kante new role ahead of Champions League final

The tension waiting for Saturday, May 29, 2021 night grows stronger each day as the team prepares to face each other in the Champions League final.

Chelsea will come face to face with Manchester City for the first time in the champions league final.

Due to injury N’Golo Kante was ruled out of Chelsea’s last premier league match against Aston Villa and has been a worry for the Chelsea family but according to their boss, he is hoping N’Golo gets better.

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Speaking at a press conference Thomas Tuchel said due to Kante’s injury he is thinking of giving him a new role on Saturday against Manchester City.

“I feel like maybe my tactic with him will change, and I will just put him into training on Wednesday! He is looking good and I hope he stays like that for Saturday. We will know more on Wednesday”, Tuchel said.

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