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Chopping a woman during menstruation is very sweet and healthy – Men told

Cyril George Lutterodt, a controversial Ghanaian marital consultant, has made some outlandish assertions about how wonderful it is to have se.xual intercourse with a lady while she is menstruating.

In an interview with Kofi Tv, the outspoken marital counselor reaffirmed that slicing a lady while she is on her menstrual cycle is not only fun but also highly healthy.

There is a common belief around the world that it is not advisable for a woman to have intercourse with a guy while she is on her period.

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However, the marital adviser disagrees, claiming that there is no scientific evidence that it is inappropriate to warm your bed when menstruating.

According to Cyril George Lutterodt, there is nothing wrong with it because the monthly discharge provides important health benefits for women, as well as serving as a pain reliever.

The outspoken marriage consultant said that the concept of women’s menstruation in relation to having sexual relations with males is nonsense, as he believes it is a myth.

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