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VIDEO: Chrisland school girl in leaked tape runs erotic short video page with over 24,000 likes

According to reports, the 10-year-old girl at the center of the Chrisland Dubai S£x DVD has her own Likee page where she posts alluring videos.

In a video that has gone viral, the teenager and her male classmates were seen engaging in sexual activity.

Meanwhile, her mother claimed that she had been gang-raped, and school officials attempted to cover up the issue once the students returned from a sporting event in Dubai, UAE.

According to Politicos, the child uses an app called Likee to share her self-recorded videos. “bhadgurl4k (bad girl f*ck)” is her handle, and it already has over 24,000 likes. As of Easter Monday, she had over 526 videos and 4,134 followers.

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Checks revealed that the videos were shot at her home, according to Naija Styles. “Madness and cringe” was the title of her page.

With seductive gestures, she tries to show off her dance talents.

The Lagos state government has closed all campuses of the highbrow school as a result of the uproar caused by the sex tape.

Check below:

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