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Church girl mistakenly sends her bedroom video with her lover into a church WhatsApp platform

A lady has brought a big problem upon herself after she mistakenly shared her bedroom video with her boyfriend on her church’s WhatsApp platform.

The lady who seemingly enjoyed herself in the bedroom with her lover video the ‘action’ for reasons best known to her.

Unfortunately for her, she dropped it on the platform that had her pastor and other prominent church members on.

Her mistake has come as a surprise to the members since they could not believe that one of their own could do this.

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She has since begged the members of the group to delete the video since it was not meant for the group.

“Good evening everyone, sorry if you’re seeing something like this. The person’s phone is at fault and mistakenly sent it here. As we are talking now, the person does not have access to the phone not to talk of WhatsApp or deleting it”. She wrote

Whether the members will have the video deleted or not remains another topic for discussion.

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