Court orders gay couple to get pregnant or face imprisonment

LGBT remains a crime punishable by law in some parts of Africa including Uganda.

Lesbiⱥns, Gⱥys, bisexual women, and transgender persons, are not even recognized in the Ugandan Constitution and are discriminated against.

Sodomy is punishable by years of imprisonment and any sexuⱥl practices between males (termed “gross indecency”) is also a felony under the same statute, also punishable by imprisonment.

A gⱥy couple in Uganda is likely to spend the rest of their lives in prison if they fail to get pregnant before their court hearing.

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According to reports, the Prosecutor was quoted to have said the arrested couple will only gain their freedom if one gets pregnant.

‘We would like to shut them [gay couples] up in a room and see if they can get pregnant; if they don’t, then it’s jail because they have claimed they can have children.”

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