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Dagombas are the Biblical Philistines; Reactions as Ghanaian prophet gives proof

According to Osumafuo Kwesi Benyame, the Dagomba people of modern-day Ghana are the Biblical Philistines.

According to the Prophet, the Dagomba tribe that now exists in Ghana is a direct descendant of the Biblical Philistines.

He declared categorically that Goliath, the Biblical giant killed by David, was a Dagomba guy.

The Dagomba people, according to Osumafuo Kwesi Benyame, are the children of a god named Dagon.

According to Osumafuo Kwesi Benyame, the ‘na’ in the term Dagomba is the Alan word for kid (ba), hence Dagomba people are children of the god Dagon.

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