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VIDEO: Ghanaian ‘Doctor’ captured in viral video weeping over heartbreak finally speaks

The viral Ghanaian medical officer who was spotted in a video supposedly weeping over a heartbreak has spoken and recounted the incident.

Speaking with Yen.com.gh, the gentleman named Gyebi Christian confirmed that indeed, he was heartbroken by his girlfriend Angela Awurama and he is still yet to fully recover from the pain.

He added that he is not a medical doctor as reported earlier, but a pharmacy technologist and graduate from the Sunyani Technical University and also debunk claims that he sponsored Ewurama through school.

According to him, the love issue that occurred took a great toll on him because he and Ewurama have been together for approximately eight good years.

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The two actually started a YouTube channel called CokenFanta before the unfortunate heartbreak came about.


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