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E/R: 22-year-old man captured on CCTV having sεx with a goat (VIDEO)

On the internet, CCTV footage of a guy having sex with a goat on a farm in Koforidua, Ghana’s Eastern Region, has surfaced.

After the video sparked fury among villagers, the perpetrator was identified as Baba Illiasu, a 22-year-old man who was summoned to the Chief’s palace.

The man can be seen loitering around a herd of goats grazing on farmland in the video. He grabbed one and pinned it down swiftly. As though he were sleeping with a woman, he was spotted swaying his waist back and forth.

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It’s been reported by Akoma FM that this isn’t the first time the man has been caught in the act. In the absence of evidence of his immoral deed, Baba Illiasu, a farm employee, constantly finds a method to refute the accusation.

Unbeknownst to Baba Illiasu, the owner was forced to install a CCTV camera to monitor operations on the farm, which filmed him in the act with one of the goats while he was going about his duties.

Until the CCTV proved otherwise, Baba Illiasu denied the incident once more. He later expressed regret for his acts. He was dragged to the Koforidua chief’s palace, where rites were performed to appease him.

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Watch the video below:


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