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WATCH: Facebook doggy tutorials lands Dagomba girl in trouble

A young lady based in Gushegu in the Northern Region of Ghana has landed herself into trouble with her family members after a video of her teaching how doggy is done went viral on social media.

In the video, the young lady is seen acting as the male whiles her friend acted as the female as they tutored her followers how that sex position mainly practiced by dogs is set in motion and can be enjoyed.

The Gushegu-based lady after teaching was seen touching herself and exposing her breast in the process.

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This singular act has infuriated her family as a male relative captured in another video giving her the beatings of her life.

The young lady received the lashes but pleaded for mercy; a plea that certainly fell on deaf ears as the young man continued to flog her.

Social Media users have applauded the family of the young lady for taking drastic action against her to serve as a deterrent to young girls.

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