First beautiful video of Fella Makafui in her traditional marriage attire


It’s truly happening. Many thought it was one of their publicity stunts but the reality is, the marriage between Medikal and Fella Makafui is finally coming off.

Earlier we published a video of the groom Medikal well dressed in his attire to his traditional wedding.

Celebrities Buzz has sourced a new video that sees the bride Fella Makafui in her traditional wedding dress.

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She was well clad in a kente slit and kaba outfit.

Her make-ups so on point.

Watch the video below:

Just yesterday, a video emerged which captures Fella Makafui’s bridal shower with her friends.

There’s a little bit of bad news anyway as a man has come out this morning with claims that he saw Fella Makafui in her dreams and she was involved in a fatal accident.

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