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Full list: 48 countries ban travel from the UK over rising cases of COVID-19

No fewer than 45 countries have suspended flights from the United Kingdom (UK) as the nation experiences a surge in new COVID-19 cases. It was gathered that a new strain of the virus has moved across southern England. 

Channel TV reports that Scotland had already closed its border with the rest of the United Kingdom.

Boss Mustapha, the PTF chairman and Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), explained that the task force, as well as aviation and health authorities, including the World Health Organisation (WHO), were assessing the situation closely.

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Below are some of the countries that banned travel from the United Kingdom:

1. France

2. Germany

3. Spain

4. Portugal

5. India

6. Poland

7. Hong Kong

8. the Netherlands

9. Ireland

10. Italy

11. Russia

12. Finland

13. Austria

14. Switzerland

15. Baltic nations Estonia,

16. Latvia

17. Lithuania

18. Hungary

19. Luxembourg

20. Balkans

21. Croatia

22. Macedonia

23. Albania

24. Bulgaria

25. Romania

26. the Czech Republic.

27. Norway

28. Sweden

29. Denmark

30. Belgium

31. Canada

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32. Turkey

33. South Africa.

34. Saudi Arabia

35. Oman

36. Israel

37. Jordan

38. Kuwait

39. Morocco

40. Algeria

41. Tunisia

42. Mauritius

43. Latin America

44. Panama

45. Paraguay

46. Peru

47. Chile

48. Argentina

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