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Funny Face breaks silence on his family attacking Kwaku Manu

Funny Face has finally spoken after some members of his family accused Kwaku Manu of exploiting through the predicament he went through for Youtube money.

A sister of Funny Face had apparently accused Kwaku Manu who played a role as a unifier to ensure his embattled colleague reunited with his twins and the mother of the children.

According to the sister of the comic actor, Kwaku Manu’s objective was far from unifying but just sought to make money through the videos he had recorded with his brother by uploading them on Youtube.

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Kwaku Manu in a recent interview with Peace FM explained that his motive was never to cash in with those videos he uploaded on Youtube but felt for his brother and long-time friend so he did that just to ensure Funny Face will be fine.

The Kumawood actor took the opportunity to apologize to the bitter family who had perceived him wrongly.

Funny face who is currently at the Accra psychiatric hospital has for the first time reacted to the allegation leveled against his friend by some members of his family.

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According to the children’s president, Kwaku Manu still remains his friend and brother forever for what he has been doing for him which he indicated he appreciates.

Funny Face said that in the photo he posted with the inscription “For Life, Ma Hommie”


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