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Watch Video: Funny Face releases videos of how his Baby Mama used to beat him

Comic actor Funny Face is so not in a happy place as at now as he continues to come out with posts proving that.

For some past few months, the actor has been involved in several beef and fights, from colleagues to friends to his baby mamas.

All these fights saw the actor saying ill things and insulting the people with who he had the grudges at that particular time.

He recently gave a fair share of insults to Despite Media’s Maame Yeboah Asiedu, descending into the gutters and making things worse.

However this had to do with his second baby mama saga, and after the insults, Funny Face has gone ahead to release videos where he was being abused by his baby mama, trying to prove a point.

The videos have his baby mama holding him to the neck and insulting him with Funny Face just standing and not saying much.

Watch Video Below.


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