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Ghanaian arrested for smearing faeces on woman’s face in New York

After spreading feces on the face of a 43-year-old woman at a subway station, a Ghanaian was arrested in the Bronx.

As a result of the horrible incident, Frank Abrokwa, 37, was arrested on February 28 and charged with forcible touching, threats, disorderly behavior, and harassment.

On February 21, at 5:15 p.m., an attack occurred on the southbound platform of the East 241st Street station.

‘Hello, Mami, hey, Mami, why don’t you talk to me?’ Abrokwa said to the victim moments before the attack, according to New York investigators.

He stepped inside a train car and defecated into a bag when she ignored him.

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After spreading feces on the face of a 43-year-old lady at a subway station in the Bronx, a Ghanaian was arrested.

Abrokwa then walks back out of the idling subway car and lunges at the woman, smearing the excrement on her, according to surveillance video from the station.

He walks behind her and rubs the waste on the back of her head and her back when she leans forward.

The New York Daily News said that Abrokwa yelled out the judge during his initial court appearance in Bronx Criminal Court late Tuesday.

He complained that he was tired of waiting and begged that the judge expedite the proceedings so that he could be handed over to Brooklyn cops who were waiting to question him in connection with a hate crime investigation.

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According to the Daily News, Abrokwa has been arrested 44 times and is accused of hitting a 30-year-old stranger on a subway platform between 125th St. and Lenox Ave. on January 7 and a 53-year-old stranger at the Greyhound station at the Port Authority Bus Terminal in Midtown on February 5.

On February 22, he allegedly grabbed screwdrivers and pepper spray from a Bronx hardware store, then pointed a screwdriver at an employee and yelled, “Call the cops.”

The prosecutor attempted to persuade the judge that Abrokwa should be held on $5,000 cash or $15,000 bond in court Tuesday night, noting that the attack was part of a pattern of behavior.

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The judge, on the other hand, stated she had no reason to keep him because she didn’t have any depositions from his previous arrests to consider.

Abrokwa, on the other hand, did not walk away from the courtroom free. According to the Daily News, he was apprehended by Brooklyn investigators as a suspect in a hate crime.

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