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Emelia Brobbey reveals the source of her wealth and her fans goes WOW

Ghanaian actress Emelia Brobbey has revealed in an interview the source of her wealth.

According to the ‘Fa me ko’ singer in the interview Daily News Ghana monitored, her wealth is from selling pure water and not from sleeping with sugar daddies.

“Everyone who’s into the pure water business knows that at least if you manage it well, you’d make some profit out it,” Emelia said.

She added: “Apart from that also I also do television talk shows which have a lot of sponsors on it and that also helps me to make some money.

“The music I’m doing is loaded on YouTube and I do get money from the view and also when I’m invited to appear for a performance on shows I’m paid for that as well.”

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The actress concluded that she is not bothered when people draw conclusions about the source of her income.

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Source: DailyNewsGhana.com


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