God bless you – Asani Tanoh hails Kan-Dapaah

The National Organizer of the Liberal Party of Ghana, Asani Tanoh, has defended the National Security Minister, Mr Albert Kan-Dapaah saying “vilifying” him is wrong.

Kan-Dapaah courted controversy when he said: “injustice occasioned as a result of the absence of an effective justice delivery system or delayed justice or biased justice is certainly a threat to national security. Indeed, when injustice abounds, particularly in situations where the bench, which is considered the final arbiter of disputes, is deemed biased, citizens tend to take the law into their own hands most times without recourse to the established systems of justice delivery”.

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“If the interpretation of the law is tilted in our favor all the time, people will start accusing the judiciary and will not have the confidence that they need,” he added.

However, some have disagreed with the National Security Minister because they believe it confirms the impression that the Judiciary can be biased.

However, Asani Tanoh contributing to a panel discussion on UTV’s ‘Adekye Nsroma’ program said Kan-Dapaah “spoke the minds of a lot of people in the country”.

“What he said is on the minds of a lot of people but they don’t have the courage to say it. God bless him and his descendants. The way he’s being vilified especially on social media is appalling. This is a serious caution to the Judiciary; because the impression is that they’re now using the slogan of the LPG: Yen k) nkoaa!, unanimous decision . . . and so it’s a serious caution to the Judiciary,” he stated.

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Source: DailyNewsGhana.com/2022

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