Hospital suspends student doctor and nurse for having səx on duty

A hospital has suspended a Doctor and a Nurse for engaging in sexual intercourse whiles on duty.

It was a patient on admission at the hospital in Tabora, Tanzania who reported the two health workers to the administration of the hospital.

The patient couldn’t withstand the habitual sexual intercourse amidst loud loans involving the doctor and the nurse.

According to, the patients in the ward had run out of restraint as they couldn’t withstand the steamy sessions between the trainee doctor and the nurse.

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The hospital held a meeting with the staff on Monday, November 29, 2021, where the suspension of the doctor and the nurse was announced by the Kaliua District Commissioner (DC) Paul Chacha.

“If this person is an intern, the hospital should check on him and see how he is fairing on. Why leave him to do this? A negative report about him will be sent,” Paul Chacha said.

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