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Hushpuppi source of wealth finally revealed

Ray Hushpuppi is a mystery when it comes to the Nigerian celebrity world – no one really knows how he makes his money, but he continues living a rich and luxurious lifestyle which he displays on his social media. What is Hushpuppi’s source of wealth? 

Nigerians are amazed by how quickly Ray Hushpuppi gained his wealth. Constant parties, private jets, and luxurious cars, expensive drinks, and fashionable clothes are the main attributes of his lifestyle. Due to his lavish lifestyle, a lot of people wonder if Ray Hushpuppi really earned his wealth legally.

Here is Hushpuppi’s biography plus all the details about his source of wealth. Who is Hushpuppi? What is Hushpuppi’s real name? Ray Hushpuppi’s real name is Ramon Olorunwa Abbas. His nicknames are Aja Puppi and Aja 4. Born on the 14th of June, he is Nigerian by origin.

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However, he became wealthy and successful after he moved to Malaysia.

This man has gained the title of “The Nigerian dark horse” as no one knows exactly how he really made his money. The only thing everyone knows is that a new page in his life opened when he decided to relocate to Malaysia.

Today, he is one of the most popular people in the Nigerian diaspora. Hushpuppi’s Instagram is filled with fancy photos where he shows off his not-so-ordinary way of life – private jets, his expensive cars, pictures of himself in different 5-star hotels and elite clubs, and clothes by the most fashionable brands like Gucci.

Hushpuppi source of income: What does Hushpuppi do for a living?

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It is no big secret that Ray Hushpuppi spends a lot of his fortune to keep up with his comfortable life. In 2017, he was reported to have spent 11 million Naira on drinks at Quilox, a night club.

He once joked about his source of income, stating that he is a professional beggar. On his Instagram bio, he states that he is a real estate developer.

Ray Hushpuppi never opens up about his fortune – only he knows how he went from rags to riches. People have a lot of speculations; however, no one is really aware of how he made his money.

Some say that he has influential friends or sponsors, and some are convinced that he invested his money into a profitable business which is now booming.

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One of the other theories is that the man is a Yahoo boy, an individual who makes money by duping people online.

All we know is that Ray Hushpuppi is extremely rich, and he does not hesitate to show off his wealth on his social media. From the way he flaunts his money, it’s safe to say that Hushpuppi does not really care if people judge him.

How much is Hushpuppi worth? Hushpuppi net worth is around 20 million USD – which is quite impressive. He spends his wealth on jets, fashionable clothes, and accessories, and cars (Hushpuppi cars include a Rolls Royce Wraith, Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Vogue, and a Ferrari).

However, the millionaire himself has never mentioned his net worth.


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