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I fear women – Man weeps as daughter’s DNA test shows he’s not her biological father

A young man has resorted to social media to express his disappointment with the results of a DNA test he conducted with his daughter.

The test result was negative, confirming that he is not the biological father of the 5-year-old girl he has been fathering.

Eguveso Enifomee, a Nigerian native, has turned to Facebook to publicly disgrace his fiancée while seeking explanations.

He revealed that he always suspected the child isn’t his but decided challenged the woman

“I always said that the possibility of this child being mine is extremely low. Because when she was pregnant, I was not aware. She got pregnant, two years later she just came and said it is your child. I was even the one who playfully initiated the convo that I heard she has given birth. She said it’s your child. I asked, which child? She said that one pastor said the father would come and after the child.”

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He admitted that he was just a side guy for the lady during their school days as she was then dating other guys.

Eguveso Enifomee said during their days at University he accepted the role of being the side guy as he was enjoying the s**.

When she was pregnant, I was not aware. Two years later, she came saying she was my child. She took the baby to my dad, my dad accepted., saying the child resembled me” – the guy said in his Facebook post

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Years after taking full responsibility of the child, he has finally found out the daughter isn’t his.

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