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I slapped him for trying to have sεx with me during a sεx scene – Popular actress exposes Kumawood actor

Efe Sika, a Kumawood actress, has revealed that during a sex scene, an actor developed an erection and completely forgot that he was in a movie.

Efe remarked on SVTV Africa that they were expected to display a little skin to make it look more realistic. However, the actor became very enthusiastic and attempted to have sex with her.

“It only happened to me once.” We had to show a little skin, and it stimulated him enough that he began stroking me. So I slapped him and walked away from the scene. I decided to stop filming the movie. “I found out afterward that it had been sold to any producer,” she explained.

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Efe did not reveal the actor’s identity, but she did say that she never met or worked with him again. Efe claimed to be a well-known actor.

Efe also discussed marriage being for the lucky, social media, and the health of the film business in the interview.

She claims she has never earnestly prayed for a man because it is a waste of time.


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