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I stopped prostitution the day my daddy became my client – Lady recounts

A gorgeous young lady who has worked as a commercial sex worker for years has come out to say that she has quit her employment (as a prostitute) when something unexpected happened.

During one of her regular working hours, the lady (name withheld) noticed an elderly man wearing a cap and shades that obscured his face at a nightclub.

She claims that they usually compete for clients and have little time to pay attention to details. The elderly gentleman, who turned out to be her father, agreed and followed her to a hotel.

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When the two arrived in their hotel room, the man removed his cap and sunglasses in preparation for ‘action.’

The lady, who was already at ease, took off her clothes, bearing in mind that she needed to finish her customer quickly so she could focus on the next one.

She came face to face with her biological father, which was unfortunate for her. She made a hasty exit, grabbing her garments to conceal her nakedness.

The lady went on to say that she has given up her work and now makes a living selling ice water for the past five years as a result of the incident.

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They haven’t spoken about the ordeal or told any of their family members about it.

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