I won’t bow down to a kid I fed and dressed – Alpha Conde finally breaks silence

It seems Alpha Conde is still not perturbed or frightened by the blazing guns and killings which took place on that particular Sunday when he was overthrown.

The shooting which went on and the sound of gunfire should have deterred the man from even talking or making public pronouncements but he is still denying the coup and standing his ground as the legitimate president of Guinea.

Alpha Conde, the President of Guinea was overthrown in a Military Coup. Severe shelling was heard on that Sunday morning at the Presidential Palace in Guinea’s capital, Conakry.

Information emanating from the corridors of power reveals that the elite national army unit led by a former French legionnaire, Mamady Doumbouya, was the architect behind the coup.

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Later on, images that emerged from the Presidential palace shown that Mr. Conde has been deposed and possibly confined to the presidential palace.

The 83 years old president seen mostly by some as a dictator was seen seated in a blue shirt attire and jeans with some buttons undone.

The gentleman looked surprised and unhappy about the whole plot. Conde won a fraudulent election that’s his third term in October after changing the constitution to allow him to stand again despite violent protests from the opposition.

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Fast forward in a public declaration, he has stated emphatically and unequivocally asserted that “I didn’t come to power by guns but in the polls. I was overthrown by the special forces group, an entity I created, maintained, and financed to fight terrorism. I’m still President because I will never sign a resignation letter from the kids I fed and dressed.”

Most Africans are of the view that If Alpha  Condê is not a combination of the dejuré and de facto president of Guinea, it is just a matter of little time he will no longer become president of Guinea and many Guineans have little or no sympathy for him for the dubious way he extended his stay in power after the end of his second term in power.

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They need to lock him behind bars for all the atrocities he has caused to the people of Guinea. If Umar Al Bashir of Sudan can be locked up behind bars then tell me who is Alpha Conde a criminal who has killed many innocent souls to secure the third term in office.

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