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PHOTO: Joyce Boakye and Wakaso fingered in a bɛdroom romance

Mona Gucci was on fire Wednesday evening as she addressed Joyce Boakye who she describes as a beggar friend and wannabe celebrity. 

In a video she uploaded of a woman named Cindy Cash taking her side, the woman described the said Joyce Boakye as toothless and has no one with MonaGucci’s caliber in her family.

She spoke about Mona’s four children being a blessing because Cindy Cash, has had many abortions.

She rained insults on Joyce Boakye from her being a prostitute to her being bastardized.

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Mona took over in her caption to talk about how Joyce Boakye claims footballer Mubarak Wakaso bangs her and how she has to beg him before he does so.

She mentioned she always has to beg for his attention as she is the girl toy he uses every time. She continued with how she is broke and struggling to pay her rent as her 74-year-old sugar daddy she married left her with nothing because she cheated on him with a younger man.

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She went on to say the Wakaso claims were laughable because they knew who really was sleeping with her in the guise of dating her.

She warned Joyce to stay away from Tracey Boakye because Joyce is an opportunist. She ended by taking the low blow and ridiculing Joyce’s mental health state by calling her depressed and demented.

One thing about d-list celebrity fights, they go deep in the mud and we are here for it.

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