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Kafui Danku exposes Leila Djansi

A-list actress and producer, Kafui Danku has lost her cool and has put movie producer, Leila Djansi on blast on Social media over reasons that, she’s bad-mouthing her to people because she refused to give her some money.

In the post, Kafui Danku disclosed that Leila had been telling her to be careful of someone but she’s the type who doesn’t listen to such people as they themselves can be dangerous.

She continued to disclose how the movie producer came begging her for some money and when she couldn’t get it for her, she went around telling lies about her to ruin her.

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It’s obvious Kafui had wanted to settle the issue with her off the internet but Leila had been declining her calls, so she decided to bring the matter to social media.

See the post below:

Leila Leila Afua Djansi

I know you’ll see this faster than my missed call .

I’m someone who doesn’t listen to people when they warn me to be careful of a particular person ; NO, I don’t listen but I’m posting here to confirm to them they’re right since I’m too embarrassed to tell them personally, I might as well make the whole community aware that you’re DANGEROUS!

I will be blunt : You asked me for support to help Doris which I obliged .

You later came back to ask me for thousands of dollars which I didn’t give you so you went round telling people stupid and childish lies…

I want them to know that your stupid blabbing is all about the fact that I didn’t give you what you asked for .

If anybody has warned you to be careful of Leila Djansi, believe them!



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