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Kingsley Peprah is impotent; his wife bonked another man – Agradaa drops bombshell

Nana Agradaa is pissed off and taking aim at one Kingsley Peprah in a video on social media.

Agradaa cannot seem to go a few days without fighting anyone. It’s now the turn of Peprah.

According to her, Peprah, who is a social media nuisance like Agradaa herself, is an impotent man. She claims his child is not actually his but that his wife cheated on him and brought the child home.

It appears Peprah has been lobbing some fire at Agradaa and this is her response.

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She has given him an ultimatum to release some ‘dirt’ that he claims he has on her, other than that she will also drop all her evidence that his kid isn’t his

Watch the video below:

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