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KNUST: Student arrested for secretly taking videos of ladies bathing (VIDEO)

A student with the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology(KNUST) is currently in the grips of the police for recording videos of ladies taking their baths.

A report from the campus stated that the student whose name has been withheld by the authorities planted secret camera’s in the ladies bathroom which records them without their notice.

According to them, after the ladies are done taking their bath, he sneaks in secretly to retrieve the camera, copy the videos which he then edit before selling them to an online portal.

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A social media user with the handle @biarubi revealed that the student has been engaged in this act for a long time until he was recently caught.

On how he was caught, audio from one of the female students disclosed that he was caught whiles filming a lady who was taking her bath and was facing the wall.

She turned only to see the guy filming her and shouted at him prompting other students in the hostel to punch on him.

He advised ladies that even though the police have arrested the guy he believes ladies on campus should be on the lookout when going to take their bath.

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He wrote: “This person is a really disgusting human and regardless of him being at the police, I’m naming. and shaming. girls, please be very. very. careful. my babes in tech are careful”

Listen to the convo in the video below:

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