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Lady reveal Tracey Boakye is 4 month pregnant again and hiding it from the media

Tracey Boakye, who has allegedly being kicked out of her East Legon mansion and still breastfeeding her second child is reported to be pregnant again expecting her third child.

Reports flying on social media have revealed that actress and East Legon’s landlady is currently carrying a 3-4 months old pregnancy.

A social media user swore that she met the actress face-to-face at the antenatal section of a clinic on Tuesday and Tracey pretended she was invisible.

She added that she walked around the clinic in hoody and masks thinking no one will notice her but as inquisitive as she was, she followed Tracy and wished her all the best with her new pregnancy.

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The lady added that after complimenting Tracey that she looks good in pregnancy at the antenatal she has blocked her on social media to prevent her from sharing the gist.

Take a look at the screenshot below to know more…


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