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WATCH: Beautiful lady with a PhD in pickpocketing caught on camera stealing mobile phone

This footage of a Lady pickpocket stealing from an unsuspecting woman has got people talking.

When the term “pickpocket” is spoken, you may anticipate individuals to become attentive and focused.

Pickpocket is a hated name that has created fear in the hearts of many individuals, particularly those who live in Accra, Ghana.

Anyone familiar with Nkrumah Circle, Kaneshie, and other such locations will understand what I’m talking about.

A lovely lady was captured on CCTV exploiting a crowded shopping market to pickpocket a mother who was struggling to walk through the congested market with her kid.

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The cameras saw her deftly sliding her hands into the woman’s backpack and snatching her phone.

When you’re out running errands, be aware that such elements are on the lookout.

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