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Lionel Messi crying tissue paper up for sale for 1 million dollars; the inside story

People are taking turns to search for what happened to the Messi Tissue paper he used in wiping his tears in his farewell message to Barcelona supporters and the team at large.

Leo Messi’s tissue paper used to wipe his tears during his emotional farewell news conference for his childhood former club Barcelona has been auctioned off for a Million dollars.

At the farewell Press conference to Barcelona which saw him cried like a baby, messi shed tears which led to his wife and mother of his sons;Antonella handing him a tissue to wipe his tears.

Following the emotional press conference, an unidentified person got the used Messi tissue and posted an ad online saying that the tissue would be available for buy at an inflated price of 1 million dollars.

Quite fascinating right?

Well, to understand how it all began, Messi currently is a player for French ligue 1 side Paris Saint Giant.

Contract is signed, player unveiled as PSG player for the next two years with options to extend contract.

Messi would be making between 35 million to 50 million euros as his annual salary with Paris Saint Germain.

Not even the deep rooted football transfer persons saw it coming until on August 5th 2021 Barcelona took to their social media platform to announce that they are not going to extend Messi’s contract due to the new rules of the Spanish La Liga.


The announcement came as a shock to many football followers who thought Messi was on the verge of committing his future to the Barcelona club after winning the Copa America with his home country Argentina a few weeks back.

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Considering that Messi’s biggest wish at this stage in his career was to win a trophy with his national team, winning the Copa America sent signals that he would have stayed at Barcelona but that didn’t happen eventually.

Every achievement Messi have made came from him playing for Barcelona, the goals, the trophies and individual awards are feet that would be very difficult for any player to achieve with Barcelona again in the future.

Not only is he regarded as the greatest Barcelona player or player to have played in the La liga, but he is regarded by others as the greatest footballer of all time(GOAT)

How Messi’s first contract with Barcelona was signed on a Napkin

Messi first contract’ was signed with Barcelona 18 years ago on a napkin, but where is it now? And who owns it now that Messi is out of Barcelona?

Well, in September of 2000 Messi, at only 13 years of age, arrived with his family in Barcelona thanks to the Argentine representatives Fabian Soldini and Martin Montero, and his contact in Spain, Horacio Gaggioli.

The youngster dazzled everyone with the ball, and the Messi family returned to Rosario with the promise of a contract offer.

But Barca’s President at the time Joan Gaspart didn’t want to sign Messi due to some medical reasons and they thinking it was risky at the time.

Gaggioli threatened Barcelona that if they do not sign Messi immediately, he was going to offer him to Real Madrid and other teams interested in the young talent.

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In December 14th 2000 after Gaggioli had finished playing tennis with some top management members of Barcelona, he insisted on they signing Messi and that led to both parties signing the agreement on a napkin.

Below was what was written on the Napkin as the contractual obligations;

In Barcelona, on December 14, 2000 and in the presence of Messrs. Minguella and Horacio, Carlos Rexach, Technical Secretary of F.C.B. is committed under his responsibility and despite some opinions against signing the player Lionel Messi as long as we maintain the agreed amounts.’

Where is the Napkin Messi’s contract was signed on?

The legendary Napkin which changed the face of Barcelona with the introduction of Messi ad their player is in the hands of Gaggioli the agent who offered Messi to Barcelona.

Gaggioli today lives in Andorra and has the Napkin stored in a safe of the Credit Andorra bank.

Gaggioli is still dedicated to the representation of players, and he presently advises Marco Asensio of Real Madrid and other players.

Messi Link With a Move from Barca

Talks about Messi leaving Barcelona didn’t start from now.

There were rumours to that effect that the player would leave the club if things do not change.

Messi was reportedly on an annual 100 million euro contract from Barcelona.

When Joan Laporta was elected as the Club’s President, people felt based on his experience and how good he managed the club years back before exiting, his influence could keep Messi at the club but that eventually failed at last minute with the player leaving as a Free Agent to PSG.

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At the peak of Messi exit rumour, two teams were in strong position of signing him.

First was Paris Saint Germain based in the fact that they have the money and secondly, Neymar a good friend of Messi also plays there.

The second team was Manchester City because they also have the money to spend and then the Pep Guadiola effect.

Messi Joining PSG and His Immediate Influence

Paris Saint Germain’s official Instagram account has skyrocketed just within minutes after the club confirmed Lionel Messi’s arrival.

Lionel Messi storm the french Capital today and reportedly had his Medical ahead of his free transfer to PSG.

Before that moment, the former French Champions has 19.8 million followers but that hit an impressive increase of twenty million plus raising their number of followers currently to over 47.7million.

Messi’s New Challenge and PSG Looking deadly upfront

With PSG having Messi in their team, a potential front trio of Messi Mbappe and Neymar has been on the lips of many even though Mbappe reportedly is forcing his way out of the club to join Real Madrid in Spain.

Messi has thus admitted that even after his tears which eventually led him to using a Tissue paper which has brought about the famous Messi Tissue, he’s up to the task for a new challenge after spending two decades of his life at Barcelona.

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