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LIVE: Trump rails against election defeat as US COVID-19 deaths top 250,000


Biden: ‘There’s a dark winter still ahead’

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CDC advises against Thanksgiving travel




Trump to meet with Michigan legislators amid efforts to overturn election results – reports

Donald Trump has mounted an all-out assault on the election result in Michigan, reportedly planning to fly state lawmakers to meet with him in Washington and phoning county officials in an apparent attempt to derail the certification of Democrat Joe Biden’s 150,000-vote victory in the state.

On Tuesday night, Trump placed phone calls to two Republican members of a county-level vote certification board the night before the pair tried to reverse their previous endorsement of a large chunk of the vote in Michigan.

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The news emerged as Republican lawmakers in Michigan prepared to fly to Washington on Friday to meet with Trump at his request, the Washington Post first reported.

While no explanation for the meeting has been given, Trump has been pressuring Republican state lawmakers to try to hijack the electoral college by advancing slates of electors that could compete with those selected by the states’ voters.

There was no indication that Trump’s strategy, which in addition to the consent of legislatures would require a string of highly unlikely court victories and ultimately participation by Democrats in Congress to succeed, had any remote chance of overturning the election.



A federal judge today agreed to briefly stay the execution of Lisa Montgomery, the lone woman on federal death row, after her attorneys fell ill with Covid-19 and were unable to file a timely clemency petition on her behalf.

US District Judge Randolph Moss said that though his order will temporarily stay the execution, now slated for December 8, it will “not enjoin any government official, including the President,” from taking any adverse action on her request for a reprieve, Reuters writes.

He added that if her lawyers are not able to file her clemency request by December 24, then they must have other counsel appointed on her behalf.

His ruling came after a hearing earlier this week, where Moss had at times appeared skeptical on whether to grant Montgomery more time to petition for clemency.

Montgomery, now 52, was convicted in 2007 of kidnapping and strangling Bobbie Jo Stinnett, who was eight months pregnant. Montgomery then cut the baby, who survived the attack, out from the womb.

Both her lead clemency attorneys, Kelley Henry and Amy Harwell, have been too sick with Covid-19 to prepare and file her petition.

Her lawyers had said that Montgomery has long suffered from severe mental illness and was the victim of sexual assault, including gang rape.

*The district court*s ruling gives Lisa Montgomery a meaningful opportunity to prepare and present a clemency application after her attorneys recover from Covid,” said Sandra Babcock, one of her attorneys, in a statement in response to today’s ruling.


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