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Man almost dies after getting stuck in girlfriend’s window while going in for s.ex

A drunk man in Ukraine nearly suffocated to death after he got stuck in the window of his ex as he was secretly trying to enter her house to beg her for s.ex and a possible reunion. 

The man trapped in the window found it difficult to enter his ex-girlfriend’s house and got stuck for hours before policemen came to his rescue.

According to doctors, the accused has not suffered any major injury. But he could have died due to suffocation, said, doctors.

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Further reports added that before the incident, he had been pressuring his ex-girlfriend to have a relationship again. However, on refusal, the man tried to enter her house which resulted in this terrible experience.

In a report shared by ‘The Sun’, the incident happened in the Kherson Region of Ukraine. Due to intoxication, he could not free himself and remained trapped there for hours.

The man’s ex-girlfriend was present in the house when this incident took place. She was surprised to see him screaming and trying to enter the house.

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She immediately called the police. In order to get the man out of the window, the policemen had to struggle a lot. According to the police, the man was very drunk and was unconscious and was hardly breathing.

Later, the man was admitted to the hospital by the police.

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